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fluoroscopy procedure

Fluoroscopy Procedure

Fluoroscopy is a medical imaging practice that uses an unremitting X-ray gleam to generate real-time, moving images of the inner structures of a patient’s body. This process is generally employed in various medical domains, like cardiology, gastroenterology, and orthopedics, to identify and treat a range of conditions. Preparation Before the fluoroscopy process begins, patients are […]

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whats the difference between an x ray and a fluoroscopy

What’s the Difference Between an X-Ray and a Fluoroscopy?

X-rays and Fluoroscopy are two popularly used techniques for diagnosing diseases and illnesses. These imaging-based diagnostic techniques help the doctor get a clear image of what’s happening within the body. These procedures create a film or a set of images that help the doctor see the bones and the body’s internal structure. But, it is

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