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4 common uses of fluoroscopy

4 Common Uses of Fluoroscopy

Since 1896, diagnosis and treatment planning has improved drastically. The introduction of fluoroscopy by Enrico Salvioni into the field of medicine has helped greatly in improving the identification of dental diseases and disorders and understanding the real-time need for treatment protocol.  However, fluoroscopy was limited in dental procedures due to the high radiation. As image …

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whats the difference between an x ray and a fluoroscopy

What’s the Difference Between an X-Ray and a Fluoroscopy?

X-rays and Fluoroscopy are two popularly used techniques for diagnosing diseases and illnesses. These imaging-based diagnostic techniques help the doctor get a clear image of what’s happening within the body. These procedures create a film or a set of images that help the doctor see the bones and the body’s internal structure. But, it is …

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