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Velox Patient Portal Access Details

Portal Access Details

The Velox Patient Portal provides an instant way to view and download your diagnostic images.

What is the Velox Patient Portal? 

You can now view and download your diagnostic images that were acquired at Valence Medical Imaging. Images are usually available immediately.

How to use the Patient Portal? 

Please use your web browser to open the clinic’s Patient Portal at the address above. Then select “Patient” and enter your activation code and PIN. Once you are in, you can browse your full history and access images.

Activation code missing or not working? 

Please get in touch with the clinic to reset your access

Want to download your images? 

Please use “Download Images” button. That will provide you with full-quality diagnostic images in their original format (DICOM), as well as a Windows-based viewer.


Private Health Information Warning. Patient Portal Allows Access To patient diagnostic images for anyone who knows the activation code and PIN printed above. Please safeguard this page and only share this information with people who you want to have access to your diagnostic images. It is your responsibility to keep the activation code and PIN a secret. If you want to disable access to your images(e.g., if the code is lost or stolen), please contact the clinic immediately and request that Patient Portal Access Is disabled. Otherwise, the activation code and PIN never expire and can be used to access all your archived and future images.    

Patient Portal: to access images.