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When Should I Book My First Ultrasound?

You tested yourself for pregnancy, and the results were positive. What are your next plans to ensure your kid receives the finest care? Most patients get an ultrasound, a painless diagnostic procedure, at least once during standard prenatal care. High-frequency sound waves enter the uterus and then radiate back as the embryo or fetus vibrations. The electrical impulses that are converted from the echoes into black-and-white images are shown on a monitor. The fetus’s soft tissues and organs are visible in the photos. 

Your age, medical history, the preference of your healthcare practitioner, and any hazards they feel you may be encountering during the pregnancy may all affect when you have your first prenatal ultrasound

Advantages of an Early Pregnancy Scan 

Obstetricians can look for any anomalies and disorders using them as a crucial monitoring and diagnostic point giving an advantage in early pregnancy scans. 

  • Painless 

Most of the time, ultrasounds don’t involve incisions or needles and are entirely painless. The transducer, which produces ultrasounds, merely presses against the patient’s skin over the inspected region. The probe sends high-frequency sound waves through the gel into the body, where the transducer picks up the noises that reflect. After that, a computer utilizes the sound waves to generate a picture for display on a screen. 

  • Put non-ionizing radiation to use 

Contrary to other screening methods, ultrasounds depend on sound waves and echoes to produce pictures called sonograms instead of using radiation. Therefore, the process is less dangerous than diagnostic methods like X-rays and CT scans since patients are not exposed to ionizing radiation. 

  • Can be used while pregnant 

Future parents can watch the changes in their infants as they happen by having ultrasound scans while they are pregnant. They also provide them with useful details and knowledge, like the expected delivery dates and the gender of the baby, that can help couples be ready for birth. The photos created by an ultrasound scan are frequently stored, shared, and treasured for their significance by the families, adding a unique advantage to the process. 

  • Generally non-intrusive 

An ultrasound scan is the only non-invasive method to identify a suspicious lump as benign, a fluid-filled cyst, or a solid malignant growth. However, for some obstetric or pelvic exams, a specific probe is placed into the patient’s vagina, rectum, or esophagus. In contrast, it is used for other exams to scan the prostate (for some heart examinations). 

Additionally, it sheds light on the following: 

  • It examines the pelvis, ovaries, uterus, and cervix 
  • Check your amniotic fluid levels. 
  • Verify the placenta’s position. 
  • Verify where your child is located in your uterus. 
  • Recognize any issues with your infant’s organs, muscles, or bones. 

Types of Early Ultrasounds?

Though there are independent clinics that offer these, most individuals will get their first ultrasound in their prenatal care provider’s office or a nearby hospital. A pregnant woman can undergo one of two pelvic ultrasound procedures: a transvaginal ultrasound or a transabdominal ultrasound. Different methods will be employed depending on how far along the pregnancy is. 

  • Abdominal Scan 

After 11 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, transabdominal ultrasounds, a non-invasive form of ultrasound, become increasingly frequent. A modest amount of pressure is applied to the pregnant woman’s belly while the technician slides the transducer. The transducer delivers sound waves that build a picture of the developing fetus within the body, which may be turned at various angles to obtain a comprehensive image. This method could be difficult for you if you are easily tickled. Take a few deep breaths and attempt to unwind.

  • Transvaginal Scan 

Transvaginal ultrasounds are performed early in pregnancy and include inserting a wand-shaped probe (a transducer coated in a latex sheath and lubricant) into the vagina. It gives a thorough view of the embryo and aids medical professionals in determining how far along a pregnancy is. The ultrasound professional could adjust the device to acquire a good image, but any discomfort should be mild. 

Since sound waves can’t travel through bones, a technician can enter the uterus through the cervix even when the embryo is still very little inside the pregnant woman’s pelvis. If the pregnant mother develops placenta previa, a condition in which the placenta blocks the cervical opening, or if the medical professional wants to measure the cervix itself, this examination may be utilized later in pregnancy. 

Who Should Book An Early Pregnancy Scan? 

An early pregnancy scan can be performed as early as six weeks during pregnancy. The fetus’s heartbeat may be heard at six weeks. When an early pregnancy scan is performed to determine the due date of the pregnancy, it is known as the Dating Scan when it is performed to confirm that the pregnancy is healthy. Your doctor or midwife may occasionally advise extra ultrasound exams beyond those normally provided if you are having pregnancy difficulties or are concerned about your baby’s movements to protect the safety of both you and your unborn child. 


Ultrasound scans during pregnancy give a simple, safe test that can tell you more about your pregnancy and developing child. These scans can comfort that your baby is growing properly, but they can also reveal any abnormalities your baby may have. This is why it’s a good idea to consider your motivations for taking the exam and how you’ll feel after receiving the results before you take it. Get your Ultrasound with Valence Medical Imaging for happy family time.

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  1. I’m glad you assured us that an early pregnancy scan is painless since the procedure doesn’t involve incisions or needles but instead uses high-frequency sound waves that generate a picture to display. My sister has been pregnant for a few weeks now, so she was hoping to get an ultrasound soon. I’ll keep this in mind while I help her find a pregnancy center where she can get her ultrasound soon.

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